Dealing with Debt: LS Global Advisors Quoted in IR Magazine

Dealing with Debt: LS Global Advisors Quoted in IR Magazine

Click on the image below to see LS Global’s contribution to the latest IR Magazine discussion on Debt: 

Lucas Scheer, president of New York-based LS Global Advisory Group, notes the changes. ‘Their holding periods are now shorter as there’s more flipping of the initial placement,’ he says. ‘And current ownership tends to be harder to uncover so it’s important to have the IR department include availability to bondholders, large and small. ‘Companies facing tender offers and consents, for example, need quick and comprehensive knowledge of their debt holders and the means to talk to them. If they want to talk to you, as more and more of them do, it’s good to have somebody at the company prepared and ready to field that call. ‘They’re not going to be speaking to the company as regularly or as often, nor expecting the same, or as much, information as an equity investor, but it gives the debt holder a sense of respect not shown previously. I suspect that without increased communications, bondholder activism will grow.”

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