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Shareholder Identification
– LS Global Advisors is a leading Capital Markets Intelligence firm specializing in identifying and analyzing securities ownership around the world. Founded in 2006, the firm’s expertise in uncovering institutional investment trends and interpreting ownership patterns in different markets have been cornerstones of LS Global’s success.

Combining active research methodologies with in-depth industry experience, LS Global offers a wide range of effective Shareholder Identification programs. LSG’s investor outreach and data collection yields far more than common industry deliverables based mainly on consolidated public filings and available disclosures. Working closely with and on behalf of our clients, LSG conducts active and effective buy-side research to uncover a maximum of real-time investor intelligence. Our comprehensive reports analyze and illustrate ownership changes and characteristics of domestic and foreign security holders over time. Value-added insights uncovered from our intensive investigation and research, including current perceptions obtained directly from shareholders are provided to our clients.

Experience is key in delivering the maximum in shareholder ID, especially in markets where disclosure requirements are weak. LS Global currently employs a staff with 100+ combined years of direct industry experience for the benefit of our clients.

Debt-Holder Identification – In recent years, bondholders have sought increased communication with corporate issuers. When special events such as tender offers and consents require an issuer’s quick and comprehensive knowledge of its debt-holders, LS Global Advisors can provide the intelligence quickly and effectively. Our bondholder identification specialists often identify the ownership of 80-90% of a company’s fixed-income issues, both in the US and around the world. Our reports deliver a comprehensive view of a company’s bondholders across multiple issues, and reflect ownership details down to the fund level, with relevant bondholder contact information.

Activist Investor Research and Consulting – As Shareholder Engagement, Activism and cross border M&A activity continue to sharply rise, LS Global’s activist research and consulting provides actionable intelligence regarding potentially hostile investors. Typically provided in conjunction with benchmark ownership studies, our activist research is performed using appropriate discretion without making market waves. LS Global commonly alerts clients of unknown and changing large ownership stakes prior to their mandatory public disclosure. Our activist consultants provide expert insight into corporate governance issues including proxy fights and projections of shareholder voting.